Chapter 4

It’s Called War for a Reason

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Every year, Japan aims to kill over 1000 whales employing a technicality: an International Whaling Commission provision for scientific research.
We’re not a protest organization, we’re a policing organization.

Paul Watson, 2011

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society believes this activity is illegal. Paul Watson and his crew command a fleet of sea vessels in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, where they track, interrupt and engage the Japanese whalers by any means necessary.

These opposing views have led to clashes that are becoming more and more hostile.

Some people believe this is just a war over whales, while others see it as part of a battle for the planet’s future.

Fighting Ships of Whale Wars

Sea Shepherd Navy

Steve Irwin
Bob Barker
Brigitte Bardot
Sam Simon
Ady Gil
Fin Whale
Minke Whale
Humpback Whale
Ships are to scale

Japanese Whaling Fleet

Nisshin Maru
Yushin Maru
Shonan Maru No. 2
Sun Laurel

Battle Map: Flashpoints

Paul and his scrappy volunteer navy believe whaling must come to an immediate and permanent end. This sense of duty brings the Sea Shepherds to the bottom of the world where they risk their lives in epic clashes.

Operation Migaloo

Operation Migaloo

March 7, 2008

Operation Musashi

Operation Musashi

February 5, 2009

Operation Waltzing Matilda

Operation Waltzing Matilda

January 6, 2010

Operation No Compromise

Operation No Compromise

February 9, 2011

Operation Divine Wind

Operation Devine Wind

March 5, 2012

Map of Antartica - The Southern Ocean

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